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Multi-channel Marketing
​Keep the dialogue going with your target audiences. 

An expertly designed multi-channel marketing strategy can help you:

  •  Take full advantage of what’s new – and what’s next – in digital marketing, such as adaptive websites, barcode marketing and mobile marketing
  • Augment traditional marketing channels (e.g., medical congresses, journal ads, sales aids)
  • Increase interactions with consumers and health care professionals
  • Supplement your already-stretched sales force (e.g., vDetailing, eDetailing, eReps)  
  • Deliver messages where customers are spending their time (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 
  • Prepare your markets for the launch of new drugs
  • Optimize your promotional investment
​How We Get the Job Done
First, we analyze your current marketing strategy. Because of our extensive experience in pharmaceutical marketing, we are able to complete this task quickly and thoroughly.

Next, we propose a new or enhanced multi-channel marketing strategy. We also provide a strategic one-pager that clearly defines goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Depending on your needs, we can launch a pilot program, implement a full-scale multi-channel marketing strategy and measure results.

HomeMulti-channel MarketingBrandingMarketing AnalyticsPerformance Indicators

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